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The most professional solution is a whispered translation using interpreters who work from a booth. Our professional interpreting booths can be set up quickly in any location.

How it works

Each booth accommodates two interpreters. They hear what is being said in the meeting through their interpreting system. The simultaneous interpreters translate what is being said into the required target language simultaneously. The audience in the meeting listens to the interpretation through a wireless receiver in their headphones.

The advantage

Working in booths provides the interpreter with optimised audio facilities, making sure they do not miss a word of what the speaker says. It also guarantees that no one in the audience will experience inconvenience because of the interpreting process: the booths are soundproof.

Technical assistance

Our technicians (de)mount the professional booths in their proper place and supply the required number of headphones. They provide technical assistance where needed and may also arrange for sound amplification during your meetings.

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